HOWRAH – YESHVANTPUR Duronto SKIPS SOUTH Eastern Railway, Bhadrak


9 Responses to “HOWRAH – YESHVANTPUR Duronto SKIPS SOUTH Eastern Railway, Bhadrak”

  1. ANAL GHOSH says:

    Thanks bhai 🙂

  2. ANAL GHOSH says:

    Come to Bengal Mr.UP. U will feel it 😉

  3. ANAL GHOSH says:

    u kno bengali three things, food, chat nd trip. No one can defeat Bengali in these: P

  4. A Ahmed says:

    but m seriously impressed wid the way the Bengali Travel & njoi trained so much tht they really have so many important high-speed trains

  5. ANAL GHOSH says:

    They give more 3ac to wl reduce it. nd HWH has other plans for his passengers 😉

  6. A Ahmed says:

    BCT Rajdhani shld also regularly but I wonder why they do not give it

  7. ANAL GHOSH says:

    Yups, it has a hell lot of records with him. Not easy to beat. Well u kno dada HWH Raj is regular wid first 2 ac, nt even bct raj.

  8. A Ahmed says:

    I think King of each zone, it is the fastest train or something legendary as HWH Rajdhani, the fastest but it is not King for many other reasons

  9. ANAL GHOSH says:

    Fastest Duronto ir ur region. This is the first SFAST list of SER depending on the speed. Also, it’s cant about 110 km per hour to go. Upgrade to smooth cbc freight coupler few months.

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