do all antidepressants have the same side effects on the same person?

not all antidepressants have the same side effects on the same person? Ive Luvox (fluvoxamine) prescribed for social anxiety. But after taking a few...

not all antidepressants have the same side effects on the same person?
Ive Luvox (fluvoxamine) prescribed for social anxiety. But after taking a few days I have been developing sexual dysfunction and some other minor side effects. If I were to change to another SSRI I would still have the same side effects Best Answer (s):

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you would not have the same side effects, because most likely the antidepressants of different things to do. could you calm down, you could make you happy and eager, it just depends.

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Maybe. SSRIs in the same class can sometimes be similar to humans. But not always. Some people can do on a fine and feel terrible on a anderen.Es is important to know that if all SSRIs the first 2 to 3 weeks on it, you feel bad. Dizzy, drowsy, spacey, no sex drive. This should passieren.Warum they have an expensive brand name as a Luvox? Generic Celexa (Citalopram) is good for anxiety, has a low side effect profile. Do they give you samples? Run the samples and then your actual recipe starts and is to teuer.Betrachten sticking with it for a few weeks, and if side effects do not resolve, then wechseln.Viel luck.

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Different antidepressants have different effects on you. Tell your doctor about the side effects each has on you. He can begin to identify the individual chemicals that have this effect on you, and finally find the best for you and your needs.

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SSRIs and ssni all cause sexual dysfunction. For anxiety disorders, there is no reason to take drugs – you can hit like a phobia with the therapy and treatment of social anxiety – beat it by Belichtung.Soziale fear is really just a fancy, creepy name for shyness. Some people are more shy than andere.Hier’s my story: My teachers thought I was mentally retarded in the first grade, and again in the fourth Class because I never gesprochen.Hier is what I (although I’m still extemely shy in) to overcome shyness did. I have a few games in junior high school speech and debate in high school, lectored and ran a club of 200 people, where I had to get up regularly before about 50 people at monthly meetings at my very large Catholic church in the school. I coached debate. I went to graduate school and was a TA for labs of about 20 students. I faked until I made it – people can not say I’m shy anymore, but I’m still pretty quiet in large groups. But that’s more because I have nothing to say to the right and then – if it’s one of my issues, then I pipe up, but it almost never because I’m kind of a nerd and policy wonk – too intellectual for most people to show me around. So I just wore my husband with the stuff, poor Kerl.So find some activities where you have to force yourself to speak, and then do it, no matter how scared you are. The truth is, most people are scared to talk in groups. I was a high school debate coach – most of these kids were scared of me! Also, some confidence-building things. For me a huge confidence builder was camping under the stars in Minnesota in January – it was 20 below zero F. I froze my buns off & not get much sleep, but hey! I did it! I feel like if I could do what I could do. Competitive activities are great confidence Bauherren.Wenn you are in a relationship, sexual dysfunction is not worth it – that side effect can really strain relationships over time. Some people get a benefit from trying viagra or wellbutrin together with the SSRI or SSNI, but things are not back to normal, only slightly besser.betrachten therapy to beat your shyness, or here is a link for you: Try for free in computerized CBT. Computerized therapy appears to be almost as effective as counseling, research zeigt.alles good PS that respondents who would leave the sexual side effects in time is wrong – that happens only lasts for about 10% of the people, or so, and it! months, and it is only improving, the side effects do not go away altogether. Google around and you will see that is what the research shows – I’ve read a lot about this a few months ago


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