dermaroller acne scars Malaysia 18Feb12


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  1. debile police says:

    he does it for a long time!

  2. lore robinson says:

    they should not maybe they do not bleed return because the treatment was worthless

  3. mbtheja says:

    Dear Sir, when she comes back, then we can take a photo after the shot. If they do not return, then you can not take photo. Not seen dermarolling maximum effect after the 3 months, but full of skin remodeling lasts up to 1 year. Up to this time she’s gone somewhere. It is also costs money, see dr, is so hard to get after the shot, but from personal experience, some how, I, i, the skin has after a year or two that looked back for other reasons definitely improved.Skin needling notes really work, speaks from experience

  4. Pi Co says:

    They never showed the AFTER shots. How was the patient outcomes? ….

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