VK band – LeetStreet Boys (Lyrics in description)


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  1. 7MiyuChan7 says:

    I’m going to the lyrics ASAP ^ _ ^

  2. twinklingtreasure says:

    Texts T_T i for your videos look cuz they always em

  3. hinataismyrolemodel says:

    Whoo! I like VK bands, especially Danger Gang and Exist Trace. They are girls to rock the music!

  4. Summer Schilling says:

    AN CAFE referance! * SQUEEEE *!!

  5. Summer Schilling says:

    CV stands for Visual Kei. It is a type of Japanese rock music that emphasizes on extravagant look 🙂

  6. LeetStreetBoys says:

    Visual Kei

  7. 7MiyuChan7 says:

    not leetstreet guys making a reference in another of their songs? aw, man. I would have made the connection …..

  8. FlutterDie says:

    I googled. XD I fail also. It is short for Visual Kei. You can look on wikipedia for more information. 0w0 ~ FlutterDie

  9. 7MiyuChan7 says:

    lol ok. Keep me in the loop!

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