Personal Space: How to F.A.P. diagnosed


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  1. FAPulousTV says:

    I’m sorry for such a depressing answer, but I’ll be honest. If you ever want to talk or not to talk FAP, please message me or comment further!

  2. FAPulousTV says:

    To learn more about some of the other things that we are at risk to learn to please a video on this channel, titled “Beyond the Colon.” Insofar as study medications, there are a few studies with a small study population, to reduce colorectal polyps with sulindac (an NSAID) or curcumin, but I do not know how useful they are, if you have already had their colon are removed propose. The F.A.P. Foundation is very active in exchange relevant medical findings, so I highly recommend you to check out!

  3. FAPulousTV says:

    Hello! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve also deal with FAP! I hope your monitoring procedures went well! Unfortunately, this disease can be fatal. The most common cause of death in FAPers colon cancer is unfortunately a proctocolectomy is not a cure, since this disease is diverse. Now that FAPers are out with their double points are not automatically die from cancer, people are starting to recognize the other aspects of this deadly disease.

  4. kima4234 says:

    I was diagnosed with FAP in March 2011 I carry the APC gene. I was adopted, so I’m not sure who else in my family can do. I ended up losing my intestine and colon, and now have aj pouch. I go 4 April 2013 for some procedures to ensure that it has not spread. If I had to ask about this disease, this disease is to kill me? and is anyone taking any study-type drugs for the treatment of FAP help?

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