I Treatment for Reef Tank Part 1


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  1. Steve Williams says:

    how great is that it looks huge tank

  2. scott haviaras says:

    Ouch, that sucks, I was not happy with this product at all.

  3. boradude25 says:

    I have this product, died 90% of my fish and corals, but my yellow tang was good.

  4. scott haviaras says:

    thank you, its comming along very well.

  5. NITTI NID says:

    I agree … Adding chemicals to the tank … is the chance to increase a crash .. and disrupt your eco-system.

  6. NITTI NID says:

    A UV STEROLIZER only give the fish have a fighting chance, it will not release the infestation.Unless ick sterolizer is pumped through the UV .. it will continue to feed and reproduce.HYPO SALINITY WITH increase the TEMP TO 82 * F IS THE BEST WAY TO NOT IN A REEF TANK.RAISING the TEMP accelerates the ICK life go .. SALINITY lower than 1,010 KRYPTONITE IS TO ICK … The combination of the two slowly RID OF YOUR TANK.GOOD The parasite LUCK!

  7. NITTI NID says:

    Nice tank!

  8. scott haviaras says:

    Thanks and I did not know that I do. Regarding the treatment and wrasses

  9. fighter7387 says:

    yep I used the ME treatment and today i whent out and got a UV light with pump. but I did not get home in time, and I lost my long noise. I have in the UV in my sump and having it run, but the “I care” has somthing that i found some wrasses are alergic to them and kill them. but ty for the vids and kepp us all updated with the new sump.

  10. scott haviaras says:

    Yes, in Part 2, I explain how I am not happy with this product and then move to a UV if you want to fight this with a UV sterilizer a reef aquarium, you can use the salt content to about 31-32 that help combat lower and feeding your journal with garlic extract.

  11. fighter7387 says:

    ok i have just bought the same for my 40 gal tank and my long nose butterfly has ick and I have a hole bottle and it has not gone throught. and on top of that the same thing happen to my warase as well. I think the treatment is toxic cleaner wrasses. but it will not eat anything but brine shrimp. any ideas what I can do?

  12. scott haviaras says:

    I would suggest using a UV, you can also suggest your lowering your salt level in the tank, as long as nothing more than something in the coral around 31-32 ppt but just check to make sure that all deal with it differently can be damaged. You are doing good to them that garlic extract. Keep me in the loop!

  13. Fishyboy1998 says:

    Hello I have a Niger triggerfish and scopas tang that I have both (I live in Scotland, so I know body tell) would you recommend a UV sterilizer? I’ve never used one in the past, I have the lights turned off (I’ve been told that white spot can not reproduce in the dark is that true?) I feed my seaweed and algae trigger leaves with garlic extract in it is there there anything you would recommend doing? Plz help me? Thanks

  14. YouWrasse IsMine says:

    I called anyone a noob, just asking a noob mistake you made, that’s all, with a tank as you in the condition it’s in have, you obviously far from it, are a noob, I’m also learning myself and am probably not as advanced as you. Not trying to be offensive.

  15. scott haviaras says:

    @ Th3mast3r69 My tank is 47 “x 18” x 28 “(inside) my oil pan is 20” x 10 “x 10” (@ lowest water level) and my refuge is 20 “x 10” x 12 “(@ lowest level also) that alone = 121 gallons at the lowest water levels in my tank, not 40 mention ‘¾ “line of rocks and sand then I think it’s close enough to my original comment of 110 but thanks for the condescension deducted. The next time you find something more constructive comments about. Happy Reef Keeping

  16. scott haviaras says:

    @ @ Th3mast3r69 Th3mast3r69 I want you for trying to keep people honest thank you, but I’m not sure if you know someone without a noob, should list all the facts. I like to stay friendly with all, because I certainly do not know them all, and this is one reason why I created this video so we can all learn from each other but are ignorant of many facts.

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