Medication Discount Card offers financial incentives for local government and health care providers

Margate, NJ (PRWEB) 6 March 2012 Medication Discount Card announces new opportunities for partnerships with health care providers across the country,...

Margate, NJ (PRWEB) 6 March 2012

Medication Discount Card announces new opportunities for partnerships with health care providers across the country, bringing valuable discounts provider bottom lines and a host of benefits for the health of the community.

Medical and pharmaceutical institutions across the country are eligible for the Medication Discount Card. $ 1.25 for each prescription filled with the card – pharmacies and hospitals, which will distribute the card will receive between $ 0.50. This partnership opportunity is also open to city and county governments.

In that time we have seen how important said cost drugs for the community and the healthcare industry as a whole, Jeremy Duboys, founder of MDC. We are sure that the drug discount card, significant and valuable financial benefits for providers and consumers.

Medication Discount Card will offer anywhere from 10% to over 75% discount on all FDA-approved drugs. There is no time-consuming application process or excessive paperwork. The card has no fees, no health restrictions, never expires and is accepted at almost all major pharmacy in the United States.

Example savings below:

14% discount – Lo Loestrin FE

57% discount – Generic Lo Loestrin FE (Norethindrone Ace & Ethinyl Estradiol-Fe)

84% discount – amlodipine besylate

14% discount – Lamictal

91% discount – Generic Lamictal (Lamotrigine)

estimates of all available discounts are available by their drug cost / Pharmacy Locator

In addition, the Medication Discount Card valuable discounts on medications not covered by typical insurance medications like appetite suppressants, antacids, contraceptive devices and implants, cosmetic drugs for hair growth or wrinkles, immunizations and vaccines, hypnotics and sedatives, smoking cessation prescriptions covered, Nutritional care and many others.

The card also provides a much higher rate of savings for consumers than other medical discount cards. On average, saved Medication Discount Card users 60.04% off the regular price for their medications than 13% higher than other cards on the market. Buyers of brand-name drugs that use the drug discount card are also entitled to discounts – receive for their purchases (usually $ 5 $ 25). These discounts are passed on Medication Discount Card holders via a handy MasterCard debit card that is immediately refilled once a consumer is eligible for a new discount.

Medication Discount Card can be easily printed on the cards online website Consumers can also contact the pharmacies nearby, looking in the Medication Discount Card to participate, and can also check how much they saved on their current medications with the map.

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