“Antidepressant” 1 hr Delta Binaural Beat Session (Hz 3.5) ~ Pure


17 Responses to ““Antidepressant” 1 hr Delta Binaural Beat Session (Hz 3.5) ~ Pure”

  1. MakeUAGlam1 says:

    I did the same thing! You are not alone 🙂 LoL

  2. jeff brennan says:

    Sounds like a FRIDGE BACK IN THE DAYS … LOD very reassuring

  3. AudioEntrainment says:

    lol nice!

  4. Joshua Tatum says:

    yeah, i totally played this with the Flash Gordon theme song, almost fits the bass lines

  5. KustomFu says:

    it sounds like an Atari 2600 game

  6. youngerprince85 says:

    bro seriously in this binaural beats for almost 2 years trying, something good out of it, but found nothing to work every time. if these blows had no effect of the Company have accepted anyway. bro, you are wasting your time listening to this. in soon gonna start a YouTube channel exposing the truth binaur beats, thanks

  7. sickandtired19 says:

    I’m back, so it must work, lol

  8. sickandtired19 says:

    It helped me today, but I was somehow back in my head, thinking about life and how it can be so unfair at times. I am now back to hear again and hope that it lasts longer this time 🙂

  9. nothingxworthxsaying says:

    Put headphones in.

  10. Steven Parker says:

    Great video! Moreover Binaural has some of the best binaural beats I’ve ever heard, granted some can similar to those on YouTube, but there are some really interesting stuff in them, I definitely recommend it giveth binaural lovers. I have a review of it here made: beyondbinaural.weebly.comBitte visit if you are interested in binaural beats, thanks!

  11. Chinten Chotai says:

    do not know if this is just me, but when I look at the picture it actually moves

  12. Anny Halpin says:

    You will find this very reassuring think, it is understood, the next piece of the puzzle, which respond to our reality.

  13. tnt050743 says:


  14. AudioEntrainment says:

    Your welcome!

  15. effe67effe says:

    It really works for me … It calms me down, makes me relax, and ready to get back on track again! Thanks for sharing.

  16. UmatsuObossa says:

    I played for a whopping 1 minute and had to turn it off in a hot haste, as if it were gonna start to feel my ears bleeding.

  17. eyepoppersrAWESOME says:

    Big shouts to the end, when a voice: “What would you do with the world’s longest Smartphone” And I had to play it on 1x only!

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