Nike Air Force 1 Air Max VT “Camo” Unboxing


23 Responses to “Nike Air Force 1 Air Max VT “Camo” Unboxing”

  1. Bartosz Wróblewski says:

    All opportunities to get them somewhere? And how much for them?

  2. Carlos Lopez says:

    Name of the song?

  3. Nguyễn Đình Nam says:

    how much?

  4. omar gee says:

    Really dope sneaker. I have mine for $ 110

  5. bhuddahigh says:

    @ Nice Kicks any tips on how to get a pair in from england?

  6. bhuddahigh says:

    @ DragonOfQin she never wore you fucking loser

  7. hiphopkindoflives says:

    Damn, they are crazy

  8. Andre persson says:

    where can I buy them?

  9. Domo ellison says:

    HEY I met him when I! NICE KICKS VISITED a few weeks ago lol

  10. integrafreak1 says:

    is it normal to have shoes with zoom technology to a bump in the front?

  11. YourUpset says:

    Sure …

  12. DragonOfQin says:

    no ive never worn af1s.

  13. YourUpset says:

    But I bet you used to wear them. Shut the fuck up and get out of here.

  14. uno2cold says:

    # DOPE

  15. kenobiplaysthebanjo says:

    I emailed them about the same thing, they said they would as long as I send ring on Fri morning.

  16. kenobiplaysthebanjo says:

    So why are you here? smh …

  17. thisisbuff27 says:

    2hun 2much it nice tho. love the way you guys put beats from Southern artists.

  18. DragonOfQin says:

    af1s are wack and dis guy sounds like a retard.

  19. paul demarco says:

    af1s are the ultimate increase monster :/

  20. Paris61992 says:

    My first time at this really gon Lookin, they are decent, but I gettin the playoff 12 so I need to pass on these

  21. soubido says:

    wonder what will this look like in a few abrasions. Increase monster?

  22. zolon1223 says:

    I think they do, and they also do online.

  23. mia1of1fan says:

    Jordan 6 varsity size 12 jordan 3 stealth size 11 email for trade

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