Is it okay to take Prilosec while waiting for Prevacid to “kick”?

Is it ok to take Prilosec while waiting for Prevacid? "kick" My baby was (6 weeks old) were diagnosed with reflux. He was on Prilosec connection for...

Is it ok to take Prilosec while waiting for Prevacid? “kick”
My baby was (6 weeks old) were diagnosed with reflux. He was on Prilosec connection for a few weeks, but we needed to get Prevacid b / c of concerns about the combined Prilosec affect the stability. I’ve read that one. Not “too much” of a proton pump inhibitor I asked his pediatrician if it’s okay, it still * something * of Prilosec, while we wait for the (up to) 2 weeks are to work for the Prevacid. He said: “I do not understand why not.” I want a better answer than that! ! Hope someone here knows I do not understand Drs I guess I should have written: has anyone done this? I do not believe that it found it from what I have on the network and what function the Ped said hurt, but it seems many different opinions (of how long it takes on what meds you can share, .) Best Answer (s):

Answer by Lance
WHOOOAAA! We are not doctors!

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a different opinion from another doctor. I would suggest to start one stop to another. This is a tiny baby were talking about. I want a better answer to.

response from 1985 & going strong
Contact your pharmacist. He should also know, though he may still be, refer back to your doctor. But try it. Also for the contraindications (contraindications) ask sheet for each of the drugs. You may discover something about interaction are, although many pharmacies This pressure up & they belong when the recipe (usually not a complete list) to fill. The full list is in the original packaging the drug is found in, but the public often has problems with medical terminology, so that doctors and pharmacists do not give out better, as this can lead to more questions, and more problems with patients or Eltern.Ich forgot to add (everyone gave great answers) that if you are not completely satisfied with your pediatrician (or your own physician for that matter), switch … It took me some indifferent doctors (and quite a few years) before I found a pediatrician who listened to me, and anwered my questions without rushing me out the door to the next patient sehen.Besuchen also the website for each of the drugs. Hope this helps!

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The only answer I have is I have acid reflux disease also kicked as gerd (gastro esophageal reflux disease) and called prevacid right and began immediately the work for me so I’m not surprised to hear that it takes 2 weeks. I would think it wiser to give the child the prevacid and watch it carefully before administering the prilosec too. I “m not a doctor but then it would be wise to ask your pharmacist about this also be on the safe side I agree with your doctor could haben.Addition been a better answer to your question -. Below is a place where you check drug interactions can -. see for yourself there are no drug interactions between prilosec and previcid, so it would be safe for the baby even when you reach the page, click I agree to the disclaimer and the page you are that you can be directed to check drug interactions. Good luck, this should calm your fears a little ..

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