Fish oil and omega 3 better than statins, lipitor?


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  1. Mike Dawson says:

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  2. Freddy Anglero says:

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  3. Ranmaager - Haclaotu says:

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  4. WaveOne11 says:

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  5. poojkhgf says:

    how much would someone take a day – someone with no health questions Its hard to believe that a few small caps can make a lot of difference .. Also, I have also heard that fish oil can reduce the blood. Too much thinner and increase the risk of stroke

  6. Marie Glover says:

    If you need more DHA omega-3, then fish oil is better than flaxseed oil. But it’s all up to you and what you need. I personally omega-3 fish oil from bestfishoill. com, but I do. also ground fax seeds to my breakfast meal Hope that helps!

  7. mollybo1947 says:

    Here’s a question: Which is better, fish oil or Leinöl.Gute video.

  8. Lim Siew Eng says:

    Hi, Thanks for your sharing. My friend after taking rain soul for a month, can now sleep at night and have more energy. now his LDL drops already. They stimulate soul to my channel to see.

  9. rich1935 says:

    Bravo. I begin regime

  10. tatsumakisempyukaku says:

    How about phytosterols, which used to lower cholesterol? They are derived from plants cholesterols that if taken to cholesterol receptors bind and thus block cholesterol from animal used by the body. I heard about it from a friend’s, but there are medical products that support it?

  11. Tom Power says:

    Now u have heard of the seal oil, apparently its purer than fish oil. We have a surplus of animals here about 3 million harp seals.

  12. Randy S says:

    The Japanese have the lowest rates of Alzheimer’s disease, depression, heart attack and lower obesity … they eat fish, rice, vegetables and fruits in their daily Ernährung.Ich just hope that the Americans may begin in the future, the importance of Omega 3 fatty acids are and understand why it is so important.

  13. DCsamira says:

    Yes. And fish source is better because the shape Flax has a 2.7% conversion to an active form, and FISH was 97%, so it is much more effective … but as all have flax omega-6-grains

  14. DCsamira says:

    Yes. And fish source is better because the shape Flax has a 2.7% conversion to an active form, and FISH was 97%, so it is much more effective … but as all have flax omega-6-grains

  15. freedomwon says:

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  16. HaligonianType1 says:

    I’m with the President Choice -. PC Omega-3 Fish Oil Blend It is also performed during clinical trials, and there is no fish taste when burping.

  17. americanmed says:

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  18. JUNGLE SURFER says:

    ITS not healthy AT ALL

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