what have you to trade for a better life?

what you have for a better life? Business what kind of things that happened in your life that you eliminate to want to trade for a better life. tell...

what you have for a better life? Business
what kind of things that happened in your life that you eliminate to want to trade for a better life. tell me what and why and the solution for how to act in it for a better life Best Answer (s):.

Reply The Thinker
I would go back in time and choose precisely. Some things. I can not do that, but what I can do is to take chances and do things that I do, even if it is not needed to receive financial reward. In particular, it is too long to get into the right here, but basically do what you. One passion in life is far more important than mindlessly working away our lives Sure, we have to do what we do to earn a living, but the passion, we should definitely keep in our lives. Sorry for the vague, but sometimes do not want to tell the world your innermost thoughts. I’ll take what I trade is the financial reward for the fulfillment of the soul through a life of purpose.

response from grampathom I think
already give this one and I think what I want in my life is a bass boat. So I think I would trade my wife for a bass boat ……….. cheer

. Answer given by Mr bodhisattva
My aversion to my sister and resentful memories of my parents It makes me want in my family. If you walk to get caught living in fear. I try, as you call it, swap it for a better life, by thinking about the uncertainties in my family. I will think about the good aspects of the family. I keep working on it. I think I can quite happily until I succeed.

response of Blueberry Flowers
I want to go in the morning and exercise walking. If I lived in a warmer place I think I would do it easier. When I go out here my ears cold and feels like someone pinching. I think if I train every day, my brain would work better and I would feel better. I’ll get to wear some ear muffs. What happened to me is, I get frozen in place and I do not know why I do it. I just do not do a couple of days and I really do not enjoy either.I have studied everything about it and I know so many things about this is not to do. If I am doing everything I need to do what I think and I do not move still. It happens when I do not get enough sleep. But it happens at other times too. When it happens, I feel asthma and stress when I start attacking my homework then I go lay down again, because no one is here to me and no one comes by. I like my side with my hand the un my ear was propped up on my elbow. Then I get a pillow when tired my hand. I look around all the fun things I want to do, but too lazy to move.I think of how I’m not getting the results I want to do in this way, but still nothing. Then I guess this is my mortal sin. To say is to do what I’m trying to start, the opposite of how I am. I say, I’m very productive, etc.. and I pray to God to help me move and get things done. I take vitamins for energy. Once there was this medicine I took, and I think it messed up my brain chemistry. It was called Luvox. The other was Serzone and it was taken off the market because it was bad. Luvox I went blind and almost died when I took it.I only took it once. That is, if I do not get worse. The doctor tried to take me. I never had something like this in the first place.I lost some of my memory of all that too.

reply by Wade C
The answer to this depends very much what a better life than his. When you! As health and you want to go around the park every day, but you never find time Really, how much time you spend on things like passive entertainment? That’s time you could spend on improving your body. Let’s say you want more intelligent, what books you read, they are fantasy and fiction stories, or are they informative books that will help you bring your highest potential? Let’s say you have to really study and learn, but you spend your time learning about the sky spirituality and enlightenment. These books are beautiful and I feel good, but are they really improve your life or just make you feel good for less? We have to admit, entertainment, whether in the form of television, radio or book form is time that you in your self to a better life could have invested. I know it is relaxing away from work, but when you see it as an investment, then clearly a waste of time are wasted investments and when that time you could be a great success, the time you spend watching TV or on a leash computer (guilty here lol) or listen to the radio or read non-productive pounds can cost a lot of potential money, bill much more than the monthly satellite! So it comes down to what are you willing to give? Could go to a potential account won or lost, but not stagnant.

reply by Graham P
I exchange my need for satisfaction for Zufriedenheit.Manchmal must make it worse for them better werden.Wenn you expect life to always as planned, you will be be in vain. Trade with desire can lead to short-term happiness, but true joy comes from overcoming pain size to erreichen.Ich would act accomplishement luck for every day, but unfortunately I did not have the strength as I would leben.Leider I trade pain and joy of happiness and depression.

response from Tauris I would
my low-paying job for a better trade. Next school because that would help. Start a part-time Internet business, I enjoy my income that. Also something I enjoy, the quality of my life will improve

response from mind-scaper br Hello. I think my soul is always an option … Joke. I really do not know what I act. Also, I could do everything that I think perhaps in return. I think I might be my time, my patience, or my ability to act. With capacities, I think that if I were to take on the anger and pain of the world then I could be in a position to act this offer. But currently I do not really want to change anything other than minor annoyances that do not influence how good my life is. Goodbye.

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