Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery: Day of Surgery


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  1. smokiesandy says:

    In the operation in 9 hours .. If they try to block me this pain while I’m awake, I also left without the surgery I have a low tolerance for pain and will not be afraid of death before surgery. I’m anticipating pain after, but not before surgery. I am also afraid of dying while under anesthesia. I need this surgery but I have bad feeling about it and what “ifs” Arent help with all of these observations: (

  2. Laurie Buchsbaum says:

    You have a great mitzvah posting done this. I am very worried about my surgery, thank you so much for taking the time to help a stranger.

  3. RennyS09 says:

    poor girl I had first rotator cuff and SLAP repair October 2012

  4. ldsfanclub says:

    I had the surgery August 2012. I am very concerned, i can have a manipulation under anesthesia. My shoulder lifts, when I try to do anything. I see the doc Tuesday to find out about it. Why you need to have the operation performed by. What has gone wrong? I seriously think something happened at some point, therapy or surgery that I. Not always range of motion

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