My Beautiful Daughter


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  1. 65Roses1 says:

    What a nice video! My daughter’s name is Nicole also. She is the same age as your daughter and has, as well as CF.

  2. Candace O'Brien says:

    Holly, what an awesome video. I’m so proud of you, because it is such a great Mutter.Halten up the good work. I will definitely rebook on my FB and Twitter.

  3. wagnerholly5 says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s good to hear about your cousin, if I Adults with CF who does good to hear I’m feeling great hope! Keep up the excellent work, we, the cure did not last long look. God bless you and your family Pixonu.

  4. pixonu says:

    Shes a really sweet kid, and should not go beyond the pain she is. My cousin has CF and is 32, and he’s really good. I lost my godmom it long ago, so many of my family to do the walks for charity. Keep on fighting, I’ll also hope for a cure <3

  5. wagnerholly5 says:

    Thank you Chris. ♥

  6. chrisw357 says:

    Such a beautiful vid, Holly! You should be proud of what you just did. You are a sweet little miracle! =)

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