Medication discount card offers significant savings for Health Recipes

Margate, NJ (PRWEB) 16 May 2012 Users of Medication Discount Card can now have a wealth of valuable savings on some of the most commonly prescribed a...

Margate, NJ (PRWEB) 16 May 2012

Users of Medication Discount Card can now have a wealth of valuable savings on some of the most commonly prescribed and vital treatments in healthcare today. Healthcare consumers can rely on the Medication Discount Cards website valuable, money saving coupons on the requirements that they need to discover stay healthy.

In these tough economic times, we know how important every penny it is American families, said Jeremy Duboys, president of the MDC. The drug discount card is very proud to contribute to this valuable savings in the much-needed prescriptions for health care consumers everywhere.

To get these coupons, consumers should on the site and search for their needed medications to navigate. If a discount is available, they can be printed for free.

The program some of the most common and necessary drugs including on the market. Some of the drugs discount card savings are:

vouchers for Viibryd – A valuable treatment of depression.

vouchers Vyvanese – Used to Defecit Attention Disorder Treatment

vouchers for Lo Loestrin Fe – A contraceptive drugs.

coupons for Advair -. for the treatment of asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)


consumers can receive a 14% discount off the list price for these four common rules, and may also provide valuable savings on hundreds of other drugs on the website.

Additionally, cardholders also Medication Discount Card savings (of 10-75%) was obtained on all FDA-approved drugs. The card does not require time-consuming paperwork or lengthy application process, there are no fees, no health restrictions, the card never expires and is accepted at almost every major pharmacy in the United States


card offers valuable discounts on medications not covered under the typical insurance. This could more appetite suppressant, antacids, birth control and other contraceptive methods, cosmetic drugs for hair growth or wrinkles, immunizations and vaccines, smoking cessation prescriptions, nutritional care, and more.

The card also provides a much higher rate of savings for consumers than other medical discount cards. On average in 2011 drug discount card users save 60.04% off the regular price for their medication more than the RX-Mobile card (47%), Coast to Coast RX (39.5%), AARP / Walgreens 28 ( %) and CVS Caremark (24%). Buyers of brand-name drugs that use the drug discount card are also entitled to discounts – receive for their purchases (usually $ 5 $ 25). These discounts are passed on Medication Discount Card holders via a handy MasterCard debit card that is immediately refilled once a consumer is eligible for a new discount.

Medication Discount Card can be easily printed on the cards online website Consumers can also search nearby pharmacies that participate in the Medication Discount Card, and you can check how much they saved on their current medications with the map.

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