Horse Section Ladies: What are your views on Hormone Replacement Therapy, the use of Premarin?

Horse section Ladies: What are your views on Hormone Replacement Therapy, the use of Premarin That is a question for the women members of the HS, es...

Horse section Ladies: What are your views on Hormone Replacement Therapy, the use of Premarin
That is a question for the women members of the HS, especially those who may be in or are approaching menopause or change of life. Premarin and its derivatives (Premphase and Prempro) are currently the method of choice used for hormone replacement therapy. However, these agents have no disadvantages. Women who take them for more than a relatively short period of time are at an increased risk for stroke, heart attack, blood clots and cancers of the breast, uterus and ovaries. Apart from this there is also the question of the processes used to manufacture these drugs. Premarin or PMU farms are notorious for cruel and inhumane treatment of mares to produce the raw material for the drug, and it has long been an open secret that most of the foals born on these farms usually end up in the slaughterhouse. Knowing this, I’m curious, what are the various female members of this section above. Would any of you use HRT? Why or why not? Does anyone here consider the conditions that are encountered on most PMU farms, humanely? Would you investigate alternative medications that are not you with the use of horses How much does it-if less expensive alternatives are available, you would consider or buy them? I’m just curious what other people think, as I said. There is no right or wrong answers. Those of us who have been through menopause, know that it’s no picnic in the park, but it is manageable with proper treatment. Some of you may think that this belongs in the health section, but I ask it here because the PMU question is something that affects all horse lovers and horse owners, regardless of gender or location. Please be courteous your answers. This is not intended. Beginnen.Zunächst a dispute about many thanks to all who responded Gallop, what a great, informative answer! Yours is by far the best of which I got. You have really hit the nail on the head and you’re absolutely right about the fact that the Pfizer company makes a killing selling this drug and its derivatives, lives at the expense of many horses. And you think Tanya-I you are the one who was misinformed about this issue, not me. When I made my initial research on the topic for my Premarin medical ethics course did, there were over 400 Premarin farms in the United States and western Canada 26, not only, as you claim. I personally have had experience with Premarin foals, too my sister and her husband adopted such a foal a few years ago, and we had a limit that saved a PMU foal. She bought this colt as a 6 month old weanling off a truck that was bound for the slaughter house. Unfortunately, the horse died of colic complications a few years ago, but the horse that belonged Best Answer (s):

answer by Bubbles
1 It has been proven that Premarin is very bad for us. it has been replaced, but for some reason there are still misinformed people who nehmen.2 it. it supports abuse of horses. Especially mares and foals. a PMU farm is not humane. Period. that’s why many have closed in Canada (I have a PMU draft, which was rescued from slaughter) and why it is illegal here in the USA3. there is no reason for a female, yet consider this ridiculous drug that does not do you no good. with the menopause as an excuse is simply ignorant, honest gesagt.Frauen need for research to do for themselves and not just sheep and do what their doctors tell them to do, just because the doctor says …. There are many natural remedies that work and are not harmful if more women would educate themselves, they’d be better off.

response from sazzy
I am not approaching menopause (at least I hope not: P). But I never really understood why people with both a natural hormone replacement therapy, and do not think it’s worth fernsteuern.Ich understand it could when the menopause was something that was incredibly dangerous, but for most people it’s just a part of the aging. I plan on growing old dignity, can not fight it, so why bother. Honestly, I can not wait for an excuse to wear tea cosies on my head and have a lot of cats to keep me company! Yes, you can get some naff side effects while going through, but it does not ewig.Ich’m not a fan of how it is harvested for something that let’s be honest most of the time a vanity thing for people who do not can accept is old, I do not think it’s fair to enforce animal go through what they put for the sake of a little uncertainty. It burdens the mares, closed for months at a time with minimal movement, and we have a lot to be colonized with horses as it ever justify more is thrust into life ist.Ich has always been someone who does not like to pump my drug body anyway. I do not often painkillers or other drugs when they are absolutely necessary. I do not think it does your body good and menopause is a natural process that your body goes, and I do not think it remotely healthy to put your body through the things that they do not need.

response from partly cloudy
I caused neither of thse products because of how they are used, produced, and forced it to the animals, and also I do not want all risk of these side effects. I have natural herbs used to great benifit. I guess I was lucky.

reply by Tabitha
your information about Premarin use and how the mare urine is harvested is frightening veraltet.First off, have the side effects of drugs have been discussed ad nauseum. Short, concise articles here as a reference: there are synthetic alternatives, which has become very popular in recent years. Oh, how I loathe to use Wikipedia as a reference, but they offer an easy to use list of synthetic estrogen drug used to treat menopause here: public outcry over the harvesting of Premarin are nothing new, and as a result, a lot has changed. Couple that with the fact that many, many Premarin farms have lost their contracts in recent years (due to the reduced use of the drug because of the popularity of the newer plastics), and it’s not nearly as much PMU farming goes, think like you . Here is an article that describes exactly the current state of the PMU industry: would you do it well, this is exactly the PMU PMU farms commissioned for the pharmaceutical companies have to educate. Please look in the NAERIC website and see what these horses: are charged only 26 ranches, PMU, each about a ranch 40 horses produce. They are not the PMU ranches of yesterday where the foals were just by-products of the process. These are legitimate breeding producing sport and draft horses that are bred for beautiful foals sum for a purpose other than their mother urine verkaufen.Hier some examples of what today produce PMU farms: / spotlight.asp? strNav = 2Kaum disposable Pferde.Vorbei are the days of mass production of just collect urine. Much has changed, the quality of horses bred by the quality of this mare’s life, such as the urine is harvested. It is a highly regulated industry, and now on top of that the farmers have started to go a great job to do beyond mere compliance, and venture into a world-class system of Selbstregulierung.If you wanna beat the drum with reference abuse on PMU horses, you’re a decade too late kid. Go find a cause more worthy, you know, where the horses are actually abused. In case you missed it is a hella big fight going on in the TWH industry. You could use a little support to their industry cleaned up.

Reply gallop
To begin, I can not use, and never HRT, and my menopause was no picnic, but I survived much better than any PMU mare or foal their unhappy lot in life to have überleben.Ich advocates against Premarin use and increases the awareness of the plight of the PMU mares and foals for decades both as a university professor, bending the ears of my pre-med student, and in my clinical practice as an RN, and anywhere else someone to listen to me. Whereas the known risks associated with the use of Premarin and its derivatives are associated meaning, I find that more women are willing to go without HRT on the PMU problem as they are there to dispense based on risks to their own health based . Doctors need all the options available to their patients who come to them to present help in menopausal symptoms, but as the doctors tell them about the inherent health risks associated with HRT, most are not about the horrors of the PMU farms their patients (unless they were among my students, of course). I have read that it is estimated that a PMU mare well over $ 100,000 USD in profit from the sale of their hormones collected over a period of five years generate so Phizer to keep the motivation going this is obvious. To be aware of more women in menopause the truth, they will not be equipped with the knowledge to become a part of the solution. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is controvesial alternative that superior to women, if they really want that HRT demand without the PMU. The FDA has not approved these compounds. The completeness and scientifically controlled clinical trials under FDA protocol required have not been completed to ensure the safety and efficacy of this hormone compounds, so that not all doctors in presribing attend. BHRT involves the use of plant hormone extracts a chemical structure identical to the hormones produced that the human body, of course, to treat the symptoms of menopause, peri-and post-menopause. They are usually purchased at a compounding pharmacy, which creates a mixture of hormones that is specifically formulated for each individual patient. The formulations are based on a series of tests by a doctor involved in bioidentical therapy administered basiert.Pflanzliche sources such as soybeans and wild yam contain unique compounds, which are easily processed and chemically extracted into identical copies of the human body produces hormones are made. Bioidentical hormones can be applied as creams or suppositories, which are taken orally or sometimes injected. ****************************** Add Tabitha per …………… You might be interested in reading the article I’m linking below. Conjugated estrogen is still in great demand, and is newer Phizer are ‘safe’ HRT drugs developed to deliver the growing global demand for HRT. These new drugs can given a different name, but that they gleiche.Da. Still are with conjugated estrogens, the inhuman restraint and impregnating mares must harvest their highly profitable hormones, more open PMU farms around the globe, they require precise PMU Common sense should tell us that it collect no humane way for the PMU farms effectively keep the hormones from mare’s milk and urine profitable. And if the government succeeds, it always something to effectively prevent inhumane treatment of animals in any profit-motivated industry to regulate let me know because I have not seen it ever happened leer.Die NAERIC, the livestock industry and is an umbrella organization for the PMU industry. Do you really expect accurate, unbiased information from the representatives of the industry will benefit from compliance with PMU farms to find operating activities? Here is the article …..

response from burdfour
basically what Gallop said. Gallop our house is an expert on all things medical, and I’m glad that she is part of HS.Premarin is somewhat crude, dangerous waste. There is now research that soy’m zu.Ich dangerous to the menopause, and there was / is no fun, but it’s part of life. So far I have none (which would be a serious problem) killed, and the hot flashes are strange, but something to take drugs? I think not.

answer Driver
I have about 8-10 years before it would become a problem for mich.Ich do my best not to take HRT. My main reasons were the health risks, plus be my general dislike of the daily intake of medication. My secondary reason would be the PMU mares and their foals. If I could not just hard out, I would probably try alternative therapies and drugs before resorting to the PMU I HRT.Wenn somehow I found myself under PMU-derived HRT, I think I would probably feel obliged us a foal take in order for them.

response of Q
What I think, what you say is what you say is deceptive. There are some risks of taking these hormones. There are also risks not covered by the hormones. In fact, sometimes the hormones are medically necessary and not among them results in dire trouble. But in older, postmenopausal women, the net effect is a little more risk of certain problems when the hormones, as if you do not to take hormones. But it’s not a huge difference in the risk either way. And the quality of life is greatly in many cases, by the hormones improved. Therefore scaremongering that claim all kinds of horrors, if you are the hormones to take unnecessary. The tiny increased risk of all these problems is to pay for many a small price to maintain the health and quality of life benefits of taking the hormones, in the opinion of many women. Hundreds of thousands of women suffer from all kinds of problems due to lack of hormones, for every dozen or so, which will be safer. Stroke and certain cancers Of course, if you think one of the women, which ends with a stroke or cancer, then, it might not be worth it at all. That’s why women should have the opportunity to get their own opinion with accurate information, and to take the risk, assume they want rather than given distorted information in order to make a particular decision trifft.Auch who says that Premarin ” the drug of choice? ” Whose Choice? In fact, while Premarin long been the most popular form of estrogen replacement, there are now other options that appear to be much better, health-wise and side effects, as Premarin. So it has recently completed a shift in medical opinion on Premarin, but the word has not trickled down yet all docs -. They all met Premarin in med school and residency, so that they still use By calling it “the drug of choice”, you are misleading people into giving Premarin important status than it actually deserves, and affirms the false arguments Premarin drug Wiederholungen.Die treatment of horses on these farms is horrible. But it’s no worse than the treatment of cows and chickens and veal and lamb and pork in factory farming, eating raised. The feelings of the horses are somehow not worthy or important than the feelings of a pig. That you love horses do not negate the pain of other animals. The suffering of the horse is not moving. It’s all terrible. And all those in the factory farming at the end of the slaughterhouse. So any question that you should ask this also be placed on factory farms. But it’s so much easier to isolate a small group of women, than to face the big picture, how to be seen from some of the answers here, where people who have no knowledge of menopause free to denounce complacent women in the feeling menopause and insist that if they’re menopausal, they “age”. Their strength in enduring suffering is his by their not knowing what they are talking abgestimmt.So, sure I would HRT, and in fact I can do for surgical menopause at a young age – but it is not Premarin, which I use. Premarin is worse than some other types of HRT. It has been shown in a study by the. There is animals.Why cruel cruel to animals, if you by? Something else to avoid something that happens to be better, But keep in mind that HRT can not relate much pain a person, and most people choose to end their own suffering and improve their quality of life, instead of removing an animal suffering. Or use it to extend their own lives. If you surgically before the age of 40 are post-menopausal and do not use estrogen, life expectancy is reduced by an average of 8 years – even more so if you’re younger. On the other hand, people can live perfectly healthy by living a vegetarian and the elimination of all suffering the slaughterhouse animals. The only irreplaceable advantage to eating meat, the pleasant taste of the meat is – but eating beef in fact shortens your life. It is far more irrational and cruel a carnivore as Premarin verwenden.Es is no point in supporting the exploration of alternative medications that do not with horses, because there was such drugs for more than 20 years now.They’ve had ’em, and they them from yams. If you lie about some money unused, and you want to finish it to devote Premarin sale, then the best use of the money is being, education campaigns that show the test results support that the estrogen is made better in a laboratory of yams as Premarin made by the suffering of the horses. Horse urine or sweet potatoes: Which would you rather eat – should be a pretty simple campaign? So your questions are not good – most people do not know anything about the conditions on Premarin farms, but if they did, they would think it inhumane, most have no idea that estrogen is better than the other, but if they did know, they would choose the better one and this is clearly one that is not the live animals!

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