Cure High Blood Pressure, Water Cure, Awesome UPDATE!


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  1. maciejwrotek says:

    Batmanghelidj this ratio between the water in the cells and wherein the external cause. Also, like the lady in the video said, narrowing of blood vessels. But these vessels constrict to get water into the cells with more force due to unbalance. Minerals should regulate osmotic pressure.

  2. maciejwrotek says:

    distilled water is not good to drink, and it does not contain chlorine.

  3. maciejwrotek says:

    I know buy one that is an alcoholic drink after a long period he had 200 over 120 or something. Sun dehydration can actually cause high blood pressure

  4. maciejwrotek says:

    u may want to read about wheat belly com blog, it helps to have high blood pressure. some ppl get amazing results.

  5. PThealthsupportNW says:

    its good to hear that you are better. Water is good for you, but there is only one remedy, if the remove its cause or causes of high blood pressure

  6. Morganna Lefay says:

    Best of luck! I agree with you, I have many things by using natural supplements and diet changes, Prescription drugs should always first before taking and many times I do not assume they are ever explored healed! Positive thinking and low stress can do wonders!

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