Why synthetic hormones in the environment are good?

Why synthetic hormones in the environment are good? Best Answer (s): speak response of Na'vi If you about taking synthetic or bio-identical ho...

Why synthetic hormones in the environment are good?
Best Answer (s):

response of Na’vi If you
about taking synthetic or bio-identical hormones in cases of people, it’s not as good gem. the latest Forschungsergebnissen.In today’s common usage has come “synthetic” to. my “artificial”, but that is not always right Synthetic simply means “synthesized” or “off”. Synthroid and Estrace are “synthetic” that they have been made in the laboratory instead of in a biological organism, but they are “natural” that they are the exact molecules by the thyroid and ovaries. Other examples of exact copies of our body hormones are synthesized in the laboratory Humulin ® (insulin) and steroids (cortisol). So “natural” or bioidentical hormones are produced in the laboratory, and the process is called “synthesis”. Normally the source of the “natural” human forms of ovarian hormones, the blocks can be found in wild yam and soybeans. The laboratory converts these phytonutrients identical in chemical molecules with those in the human body for 17-oestradiol, progesterone or testosterone that can then prepared in standardized reworked tablets, patches, creams, gels and injection preparations for our prescriptions. So we are able to replace a natural, bioidentical compound, which is our body no longer makes synthetisieren.Die downside that something “natural” foreign or can “supernatural” for the human body. Consider Premarin: a “natural” mixture of estrogens by a biological organism that made pregnant mare. But Premarin contains types of estrogen that are never found naturally in the human body. These estrogen-types are stronger and more durable than people 17-beta estradiol. In fact, Premarin is a “supernatural” estrogen for women, which is some very undesirable consequences hat.Ein Another example found the “natural” estrogen-type compounds (genistein and others) in soy and red clover and many other plants. These are “natural” substances, since they come from organic plant sources. These compounds are unnatural for our bodies, but we do not have the same connections and not enzymes clover isoflavones genistein or 17-beta estradiol in ändern.Diese molecules act very differently to our body’s estrogen receptors, and not over the full protective Effect of 17-beta estradiol on the heart, brain and bones. Additionally, if you try enough active hormone from plants / herbs sources alone, it is difficult to determine how much you are taking and whether the amount is right for you, because botanical / herbal sources not standardized sind.Es became more frequent complaints breast tenderness, weight gain, breakthrough bleeding, insomnia, fluid retention, depression, and even more recently in the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and pulmonary embolism to erhöhen.Letztes year, the NIH (National Institutes of Health) abruptly stopped their major study of synthetic hormone replacement therapy after results showed an increase in the risks listed above sind.Auch the FDA sent a message (featured in the New York Times on January 9, 2003) order warning labels on all synthetic estrogens. The warning indicates that the drugs may slightly increase the risk of breast cancer, stroke, blood clots and heart attacks. They also stated that they believed that the risks do not outweigh the benefits of small Hormone.Die most of the side effects of the fact that synthetic hormones do not chemically identical to natural hormones in your body. Trust me, your body can not tell the difference!

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