What is recommended for eczema at 6 months old male infant?

What's for eczema at 6 months old male infant? recommended Doctors do not want to use some ingredients corti Best Answer (s): response from melm...

What’s for eczema at 6 months old male infant? recommended
Doctors do not want to use some ingredients corti Best Answer (s):

response from melmo33
Aveeno creams and baths (oatmeal-based products may contain cortisone when, not sure) and make sure you wash the clothes, bedding, etc. in Dreft ( light to bright pink box recognize) use detergents with No fabric softener. Many types of eczema can be reduced by this hypoallergenic detergent.

answer by Emma Bella
There is no cure for this common condition. The main treatment is to control and prevent inflammation and itching oriented and include avoiding triggers, frequent bathing and moisturizing the skin, the liberal use of moisturizers and lubricants, and the use of steroid creams for Flare ups.Feuchtigkeitscremes: Eucerin, Nivea , Cethaphil moisturizer, Lubriderm, Hydrolatum, VanicreamSteroid creams: Cutivate, Westcort, Lociod Lipocream, Artistocort EloconNeue and non-steroidal drugs: Protopic, Elidel

response from cute_blondie_angel I have a
5 1/2 month old male infant who has eczema! I trrying so hard to get it under control, and asked my doctor what to do ist.Die most important thing to do is to NOT use anything about it with oil or gel components. So, keep your baby’s head dry from sweat (when upside down), or any other part of his body, even if it is cold outside, dont put a hat on him, because the sweat really irritates the Ekzeme.Putting sensitive baby lotion on, it was the first thing my doctor and I tried with my son. It worked a little, but I had to exert on him about every three Stunden.Bei specifying your baby a bath, baby bath use for sensitive skin and do not let the soapy water on baby’s skin stay too long, because the soap irritates even eczema . My doctor and I finally found something that works great! I’ve only twice so far, and used it looks like his eczema is almost completely gone. It’s called “psoriasin gel.” Its about psoriasis, a skin condition such as eczema muck treat. I bought it at Walmart for about $ 7. I showed it to my doctor and she said it very safe to use and babies as young as ours. And it’s the closest and best thing that works that is over-the-counter ist.Eine Another thing you can try what my doctor recommended, before I found the psoriasin gel, use a regular, non-scented chapstick to put on the eczema. This preserves the natural moisture in, but the unwanted moisture aus.Viel luck, and let me know what you want!

response of tracing my genes
Gentle Naturals Baby Eczema Cream, a bit pricey, but worth it. Been there done that, its in the baby isle at most drugstores walgreens was where I bought it normally

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