Nursery Rhymes – Malayalam (kiyam Kiyam)


10 Responses to “Nursery Rhymes – Malayalam (kiyam Kiyam)”

  1. Shabbudin Shariff says:

    My son likes this Arfad Shariff rhymes very much, we speak Urdu, but he understands the moral behind it and trying to sing ………..

  2. annjibin says:


  3. Priyanga Vairamoorthy says:

    my brother how much thiss viedeo but its in malay we alan Tamil …

  4. Jesna John says:

    Nostalgia for me ..

  5. kavya206 says:

    Annik istayetto

  6. kavya206 says:


  7. sudeeshjacob says:


  8. dheeraaaj says:

    my baby like this song all that lk

  9. kashmont says:

    Great video

  10. preethaprasanth says:

    I like this very rhyme. It’s so cute and a moral in it

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