Nighttime Skin Care Routine (for Smooth Clear Skin)


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  1. trisha60 says:

    great video! I’ve just uploaded this today, please have a look at my routine, it’s something else urs! x

  2. BlankCanvasMakeup says:

    You are welcome hon. My hair care routine … eh … I’m not really a hair person, but I think I’ll be able to a couple of tips that I’ve learned to share here and there.

  3. Liakins09 says:

    Thanks for your video! You can use a hair care routine video, Mashallah you have beautiful hair. Thank you!

  4. BlankCanvasMakeup says:

    hiya! the pipe was actually a sample I received, but I’m sure you can pick it up at any pharmacy. I actually need me to a new tube.

  5. Helena Ali-Victor says:

    Hello .. jus wondering where u bought the Topicort?

  6. BlankCanvasMakeup says:

    @ Liaciaria I need this kind of coconut oil will do. thanks for the suggestion.

  7. liaciaria says:

    I use extra-virgin organic coconut oil on both your hair, skin and eyelashes as night eye cream, it smells fantastic! I also use 100% tea tree oil as a spot treatment of acne, it dries in a few days

  8. BlankCanvasMakeup says:


  9. Alexsjusa says:

    Emu oil you would to order I have never seen it in the stores! It’s great for the inflammation!

  10. BlankCanvasMakeup says:

    oh ho! also you would be at this!

  11. BlankCanvasMakeup says:

    I have no idea why it works like it smells in Trini but I have used it. Someone else told me about the emu oil, but I have not seen it here at all.

  12. Alexsjusa says:

    One of the ingredients in Meladerm is a hydroquinone derivative, so you still have super careful never in her mouth. Yes I know, why should there right? Nadinolq actually start that! Their “natural” version of this too Cracks me up, how to market them things if they have the same stuff in a derivative!

  13. Alexsjusa says:

    What? Who does not like the smell of coconut oil? Actually, my sis, it takes a lot, but I get it for them here because in trini it really is a strange smell. People turn up their noses when I do I use it on my skin to say, hair, internally …. everywhere! Then when I smell sweet about all they come to ask what is it you smell good? The best thing that neem for skin with Emu oil and, perhaps, but it stinks! I absolutely love this video, though! Goldilocks, someone was with my cream! Mel

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