Mother talks about Paxil Withdrawal Isepp at Annual Conference


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  1. Lightning463 says:

    Hello, my name is Maria and I. Voluntarily Isepp by maintaining the website / blogs and social networks and have been so for the last 5 years I’ve never had any comments will be removed or banned anyone from posting. Isepp members enough support alternatives to psych meds. The Isepp conferernces focus and many of the recent conference presenters talk about homeopathic treatments.

  2. Shortdawgg Reyes says:

    glad your son feel better .. I have to travel: (

  3. Shortdawgg Reyes says:

    omg I’m just getting out of their last 2 weeks I have the rage paxil flu.feeling imm not a mean person my head hurts, hot / cold

  4. ShantifulAngel says:

    Please see my website paxilwithdrawals dot webs dot com. Please do not delete my post. It will save lives.

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