I have been taking Advair for 10 years, should I stop?

taken Advair I have for 10 years, should I stop? I have been taking the inhaler Advair for almost 10 years. Now I hear about long-term side effects....

taken Advair I have for 10 years, should I stop?
I have been taking the inhaler Advair for almost 10 years. Now I hear about long-term side effects. What are they Thanks for your response Best Answer (s):

response from crowfeathers
WarnungEin Advair Advair warning was first made after studies suggested that a drug with the same active ingredients increases a patient’s risk of a severe asthma or respiratory death or succession . In 1996, a study comparing a placebo Serevent and a small but significant increase in serious life-threatening side effects for those of Serevent. Since this adverse event was to be a class-effect, a warning was also ausgestellt.Advair Advair and Serevent are produced both long-acting bronchodilators by pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline. The active ingredient is shared by both salmeterol, a beta-2-agonists, which relax and open the alleged airways. Both drugs were provide by the FDA for the maintenance treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). According to GlaxoSmithKline, more than 27 million prescriptions for Advair alone in 2004 were verkauft.Die Advair official warning came in August 2003, when the FDA ordered the addition of a boxed warning to all product information. The black box warning is the strongest warning Advair FDA can order just remember a drug. Advair This warning informs consumers on clinical evidence of a rare increase in life-threatening side effects of this medication Advair verbunden.Die warning also educates consumers about the proper use of long-acting bronchodilators. Advair is not for acute symptoms or worsens asthma treat. Inhaled corticosteroids and short-acting bronchodilators should be used in conjunction with Advair, as directed by a doctor. Patients was added in a higher risk group, how should African American patients talk to their doctor about Advair risk and whether the use of these medications should be continued werden.Nachdem the black box Advair warning to all patient data, called the FDA to consider an advisory body, or whether not Advair, Serevent and Foradil should remain on the market. The panel of fourteen respiratory experts evaluated all currently available information on the safety and efficacy of these drugs. After reviewing this information, the panel voted unanimously to allow these drugs remain on the market. The group recommended that further research be conducted to learn more about the respiratory effects of these Medikamente.Die informed current Advair warning patients of these serious risks and other, more common, side effects of this medicine staff. Common side effects that may be seen in patients with Advair include: irritation and inflammation of the eyes, nose and throat, headaches, dizziness, nausea, nervousness, increased heart rate, tremors, and respiratory infections and Irritation.Ja, better. Keep your albuterol inhaler with you at all times.

answer by KittyKat
I would not get to stop taking without something to replace it, so your doctor and talk to them and see what is available.

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