GastroMax3 Oral Paste, the Ultimate in Equine Gastric Ulcer Prevention, headlines in Horse Gold Equine Not – For-profit pilot project

Wellington, FL (PRWEB) 29 September 2011 Horse Gold, developers and manufacturers of GastroMax3 paste the industry's most advanced equine gastric ulc...

Wellington, FL (PRWEB) 29 September 2011

Horse Gold, developers and manufacturers of GastroMax3 paste the industry’s most advanced equine gastric ulcer prevention solution, announced the launch of a new not-for-profit pilot program under the companys Channel Sales Division. The program will benefit equine not-for-profit organizations, both from the sale of the product at a profit and receiving donations. The first participants are Elite Thoroughbred Adoptions in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida, Healing Hearts and Horses in Wellington, Florida.

According to Scott Mangini, PharmD, developers GastroMax3 paste and vice president of Horse Gold, Jodi Siegel, director of public relations and channel sales, came up with the idea for the program after a meeting with Liz Olszewski, founder of Horse Healing Hearts ( HHH).

By interacting with and caring for horses, HHH teaches coping strategies of children whose families were torn apart by drug and alcohol problems. Consumers who want to support the HHH or by printing a coupon, and its use in the participating feed and tack stores GastroMax3 paste directly from HHH. HHH is managed affected abused by Olszewski, whose childhood by parents, drugs and alcohol.

recommendation to branch Holly Morrell at the Grand Prix Feed and accessories in Wellington, Fl., a participating business, Siegel also contact Sonia Stratemann of Elite Thoroughbred Adoptions on participation in the program. That’s when the fun really began, Siegel said. We spotted the two organizations have a lot in common. Not only do they. Both benefit from this program, but they are going to begin working together to help both children and Liz Sonia horses

The mission of Elite Thoroughbred Adoptions (ETA) is to ex-racehorses find new careers, whether it be a family dog ​​show, trail horse, polo pony, horse, barrel racer or pasture pal. ETA is one of the original foster families working with the Florida Thoroughbred Retirement and adoptive care (TRAC) organization. Many of the horses need help always socialized to a new environment, because race horses are often kept in stables most of their lives. You need help adapting to a freer environment. Some of the horses that come ETA neglected or abused, but most need physical rehabilitation.

In my own life, I do not know what I have done without horses, said Stratemann. Its all incrediblethe opportunity for profit, Jodi’s donation, and the things that we be able to do with Liz’s children to help both children and horses. On top of that, I am very impressed with GastroMax3 paste. That’s what most excited about IM at the moment. Stratemann said after just a few days with GastroMax3 paste, two of her horses suffering from the symptoms of ulcers, were signs of improvementone was eating a lot more and it was more normal sweating.

Olszewski expected ETA horses and HHH children get along and help each other heal. Horses feel detectors, she said. You can tell if a person is not encouraged in the open and honest, and that the children who share what is bothering them. It helps them to open up and heal their pain. Experienced HHH volunteers assure the children are physically safe while working with the horses, and the organization plans to bring on board certified counselor with the one-of-a-kind program in the near future to support.

Its amazing to me that the missions of the two organizations are parallel, Siegel said. The horses of the ETA changes are due to the stress of work and life and the children HHH is also working to overcome the stress of negative family situations. These are ideal to assign Charities GastroMax3 paste, because the product will prevent equine stomach ulcers, one of the most common disorders affecting racehorses.

Mangini said: We are delighted to be able to this possibility for horses not-for-profit organizations, and I am proud to Jodi for throwing in some her own money to the pot participants for the first two sweeten offer. It just goes to show how committed our staff to the horses and the industry are considered. Horse Gold has always been healthy on horseback. Of course we have to make some profits from the sale of GastroMax3, but we are especially proud that our sales model focuses on horses more than money, and benefit from these organizations. Adding that equine gastric ulcer syndrome (Egus) is such a widespread problem, and that gives us a way to come to really. Make a dent in the problem Horse Gold requires all resellers to strict pricing that keeps the price low comply. $ 21.95 MSRP per syringe with a slight discount for the purchase of seven or more

addition to its role in Gold Horse, Mangini has a Florida racing and managed a farm. He formulated to prevent debilitating equine ulcers GastroMax3 paste with omeprazole, a protein inhibitor that blocks the production of acid, as well as two additional ingredients specifically formulated to enlarge omeprazoles effectiveness.?

Siegel, a successful business woman from New York recently joined Horse Gold. They met while working for Mangini Croghan & Webster Racing Stables, where she. With horses that are injured or ill, or who worked to recover from surgery I witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of ulcers in horses, so accession Manginis team was an easy decision. Time with Liz and hear how their program helps these children proposed to combine a wonderful opportunity to our efforts.

Florida feed and tack stores participating in the program initially included: County Line Feed and Supply, Boynton Beach, Red Barn Feed and Supply, Loxahatchee, hole in the wall, and Delray Beach Grand Prix Feed and Accessories, Wellington, Florida . If your local feed and tack shop does not participate, ask them Jodi Siegel at 732-801-1671 or jodirsiegel (at) yahoo (dot) com. Contact

Mangini horse and gold are strong advocates of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF), the Standardbred Retirement Fund (SRF), and many other horse charities. Jerry Glantz, the company’s Marketing Director also regularly supports both horses charities and non-horse charities, including St. Jew Childrens Research Hospital.

GastroMax3 is from a growing list of equine suppliers including Pat Ziemers Magna Wave products and services with 50 representatives serving the horse industry around the U.S. Contact Jodi seal a horse Gold rep covering your area to reach, or search GastroMax3 paste sold at any time of a growing list of feed and tack shops now carrying the product.


In 2010 Horse gold by a group of experts was launched riders. Scott Mangini, PharmD developed GastroMax3 paste that address the widespread problem of gastric ulcers in horses race and performance horses. The company offers affordable, effective supplements for standardbred and thoroughbred trainers and horse owners. Gold horse health priorities of the horse and the client’s satisfaction. To learn more about Horse Gold and its flagship product, oral GastroMax3 equine ulcer prevention paste learn -. By riders for riders, visit

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