What is a safe antibiotics during pregnancy?

What is a safe antibiotics when pregnant? What is a safe antibiotics during pregnancy? I can not bactrim, or any kind of sulfa drugs. or penicillin,...

What is a safe antibiotics when pregnant?
What is a safe antibiotics during pregnancy? I can not bactrim, or any kind of sulfa drugs. or penicillin, keflex, or Macrodantin macrobid. I have this UTI for a little over a month, and it is not going away, because I have to stop. Wegunter the antiboidic due to reactions I need something that no or very few Nebenwirkungen.irgendwelche proposals and what stores have pure cranberry juice? I went to different places here and find only a cranberry cocktail Best Answer (s):

response from Liz B
try and cranberry pills or cranberry juice, it is totally natural and safe for you. I take my two pregnancies thoroughout dailey as well. If it is not clear until it could lead to a kidney infection. I had a second during my pregnancy and my doctor gave me something to disable it without effects.

response from Jessica
cranberry juice. I had. Having a really bad uti even without health insurance when I was really bad I went to the store and got bottles and bottles of cranberry juice and sat there for two days alternating cranberry juice with water. I did not know then, but they also have cranberry supplement pills you can get at the pharmacy. take this. seriously, how much water and cranberry juice as you can handle until you think you’re going to throw up or explode. I was about to pee every 20-30 minutes throughout the day. but it went away and it cost less than a doctor’s visit and a prescription.

response from bailezra
Several classes of antibiotics are used to treat various diseases, based on the pathogen, the most common cause of infection, and the antibiotics have the best coverage for pathogens. There is not a single antibiotic that is for all Infektionen.Ihr doctor know which antibiotics pregnancy category B, which are considered safe to take during pregnancy. He / she can find and appropriate medication, perhaps a macrolide such as Biaxin or Zithromax, because you be sensitive to cephalosporin drugs such as Keflex.

response from Melissa H appear
My doctor gave me augmentin but I do not know if it’s recommended if you cant penicillian.

Answer given by Mrs Barista I
agree with cranberry juice. But make sure it is 100% juice but not like the Ocean Spray cranberry cocktail. It costs a little more, but it’s much cheaper. Also, make sure that you are still drinking a lot of water zu.____________________________ETA can find pure cranberry juice in natural and health food stores. Or if your local grocery store has a natural food section, it would be in there.

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