Walkabout 2: cowboy coffee, ash cakes and antidepressants soil bacteria


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  1. KennethKramm says:

    Thank you for your comment. It’s not going to rain a lot here …. but is very hot, especially during the summer months. We could do something cool, moist northern England weather once in a while to use. Have a good week, my friend. Ken

  2. TheKez1998 says:

    It always seems nice weather in your videos, here in the north of England it rains 200 days a year and is one of the windiest places on earth …

  3. KennethKramm says:

    Thanks. I’m glad you like my hiking buddy! Ken

  4. sunya999 says:

    Ok, that’s it, I’m always a big old hand with me in the next hike! Love this, thank you!

  5. KennethKramm says:

    Thanks for visiting my channel. Have fun! In a few minutes I leave for a week long camping trip. Nature can you be Ken

  6. SurviveN2 says:

    All flowers are cool looking, thanks for sharing Ken. I’m going to try these ash cakes, they sound good. The parts with the bear were good. Take care my friend :-))

  7. KennethKramm says:

    Thanks Dusty. Hope you had a great weekend. At dusk tonight I’ll have a bat colony emerge for the evening visit to hunt insects. Should be interesting!

  8. IHatchetJack says:

    I need to try adding to my ash cake oatmeal. Sounds pretty tasty!

  9. KennethKramm says:

    Thanks so much Sandy and Jess. Yes, bears do similar thinks you are. He is hungry for baked potato …. and I told him it would not be more hair on your chest! Cheers, Ken

  10. KennethKramm says:

    Thanks. Your group certainly loves to dance and everybody likes to watch. Cheers, Ken

  11. Chikawaconroe says:

    Nice video, Ken. Happy to see you @ the Expo.

  12. g0vqw says:

    Ken, What a wonderful video. There are so many similarities with my newest video. The hammock, the hobo stove, the ash cake or in my case my dog ​​Jess Bannock … Bear. Just great.Der only difference was the temperature was. Much cooler here espeacially early Morgen.Achten you to Jess, Ken and BärVon Samdy and

  13. KennethKramm says:

    Thanks so much for your feedback. I really love the natural feel and connection with nature, can not be described by words. May his nature to you, my friend. Ken

  14. KennethKramm says:

    Glad you liked the video and Bear guest have a great weekend. Ken

  15. bushcraftbartons says:

    Excellent video-Ken … enjoyed. Bear is just too funny 🙂

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