HOW LONG does it take for my 3rd another drug MY BLOOD pressure drop?

How long does it take for my 3rd take various medications to get my blood pressure? Ok guys, I need some help. I have high blood pressure. Just the ...

How long does it take for my 3rd take various medications to get my blood pressure?
Ok guys, I need some help. I have high blood pressure. Just the past been diagnosed within a month and a half I. First med was 5mg Vasotec Generic. Did not work. Second Medication was 0.1 mg clonidine. This only worked while. In the emergency room lowered my BP from 144/98 to 114/71. (The same thing happens when I got the Vasotec in the emergency room. BP dropped to 125/85, but I’ve never seen again. Vasotec I took for 40 days) When I tested at home for the next 6 days, the best I got was 140/90. each other was higher, about 150/98 average. Well I went to an urgent care today and they prescribed 10mg amlodipine. it took 3 1/2 hours and nothing changed. 150/100. He is exactly the same as when I went to BP to 9am.Now the good thing here is, I guess, this 1 1/2 months I approximately 145/97 had an average BP. nothing went sky high.On either medication. Now the bad news. I quit smoking just 5 days. I take 4mg nicotine gum and it works. TOTAL has changed my life style. Always watch the sodium and NEVER drink even more do not do drugs and that includes my favorite marijuana. Is this normal? necessarily the right steps to do the right thing and still the poor results? I hear freaking smoking for God’s sake, and you have no idea how hard it is. I do not eat salt anymore.PERIOD.not on anything. No drinks with ANY sodium. I do not understand it and it worries me. SO take my real question, in my Rambling IS HOW LONG DOES IT The amlodipine to lower my BP? and why nothing has helped. Not life changing or anything. I’m really scared that I will die from this. I’m a paranoid person to begin, that’s why I have xanax. I get panic attacks and do not help when you are trying to lower BP. I always get good info here and now guys have to answer to my questions for me. and last but not least I have to go to the hospital and say they agree with me, or wait it out and see if it will stop in a few days? thanks guys. Richard Best Answer (s):

response from Zootal
144/98 is really not that high if it is high enough that it is your medication for it. Generally they will not prescribe blood pressure medication if your BP over 140, and you are just above this Grenze.Meins was 156 /?, And they gave me some medication causes more harm than good. So I lost 30 pounds and eliminated a lot of stress in my life and my BP dropped by about 25 Punkte.Lassen you are not paranoid, do not over do it. You think. The things that cause stress, and find out how to eliminate them Unit whenever you need. Consider your diet, but not to the extreme gehen.Wie for drugs – they gave me hydrochlorothiazide, nothing done. Then they gave me lisinopril, which caused nasty side effects, then they gave me atenolol, caused not only the unpleasant side effects, but lasted for about six weeks when I stop taking recover. After all these worthless drug, under I Quit all of them, and surprise surprise my BP remained unten.Und do not be so paranoid about dying. Everyone dies, some sooner, some later. If it’s your time to go, you will go. Death is not so bad, and live in fear before it will only make it worse. Maybe you need to give thought about the afterlife. Heaven? Hell? Reincarnation? What are your beliefs? Time to take a closer look at it and see where you are spiritually.

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