Caroline takes Premarin


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  1. TransexualTriumphs says:

    Incidentally, there is nothing nothing wrong with being poor, it is a subjective term for one thing, that if you “poor”, who you are is just as opposed to (people in the third world country that might not have access drinking water or food) clean. I suppose, you’re a capitalist, but I support socialism.

  2. TransexualTriumphs says:

    Um, okay. . . L I find it funny that, in view of the fact I’m wearing a jacket in the video that you threw in a jump over the clothes I’m wearing, which were covered by a jacket in the first place. I would not say as much, the house is “poor” as MESSY, yes. But since, as I will never invite you over, like clean the house or not really does not concern you. Anyway, thanks for the comment, very amusing 🙂

  3. SaveHorses10 says:

    Are you really a vegan? I think not! By the way, your house looks very bad and your clothes. You can not afford premarin!

  4. TransexualTriumphs says:

    I agree, is premarin a ton of animal cruelty behind it. At the same time, I do not wear leather / animal products, and has for some years a vegan diet. . . I would love not something derived from mare urine, absolutely. At the same time, the number 1 is premarin prescribed medication, and it relieves my depression, etc.. . In any case, get people to call you sicko not very far. If you care about the cause of the animals, I would suggest you adjust your tactics somewhat. Goodbye,

  5. TransexualTriumphs says:

    Did not I say in the video? Twice a day (for a total of 5 mg per day)

  6. torontoteddy62 says:

    Caroline, how many times a day do you take? Those Premarin and how long you have to take it for

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