What can I do to stop hurting my period so much?

What can I do to stop hurting my period so much? I tried everything and it hurts sooo much. I've tried ibuprofen, I have run out of Midol to help B...

What can I do to stop hurting my period so much?
I tried everything and it hurts sooo much. I’ve tried ibuprofen, I have run out of Midol to help Best Answer (s):

response from Mike Jones
hello. I’m a doctor, but not in this area, I would strongly recommend that you call your doctor about it. if you have any questions for me, email me at catchmedabeast@gmail.com

response from Shelley Wilson
Go on birth control. That’s really the only thing.

response from angziety
I used ketoprofen (Orudis, or I think it was something like that) to take, but it’s not over-the-counter available to more. It was the only thing that worked for my period cramps. That was when I was not on the pill anyway .. but I do not propose to. on the pill, without extensive research on the different pills For example, take nothing with “drospirenone” in him (Yasmin, Yaz, etc.) as a drug company that made it is examined and found all of these products will probably be pulled off the shelf. (See Yasmin survivor online forum for more info .. I one of those affected by these pills were, and I’m just now starting to recover ..). So, make sure that you get on some dietary supplements such as the pill, one of them is to reduce your Ressourcen.Eine website, I know that, whether it be good at explaining this lack of nutrients edition http://www.leaflady.org / bcpillnutrition.htmOther than that, I can not say .. I do not have my period since February! I stopped taking Yasmin in early March and the stuff my body with each other so much that I had not any time! I’m about how bad my cramps are worried .. but if I do, I’ll see my doctor about ketoprofen. 🙂

response from Dr.dhananjaya Bhupathi
Every girl has the significance of Menses cycles, regularity of maintenance with the aid of acupressure techniques kennen.Menses *** is nothing other than God’s special gift to the female given. It is one of the routes of excretion of toxins, pus cells, bad blood, bacteria, viruses, hormonal discharges, etc., etc.Solange a female passes through regular menses right from puberty to menopause, she will be well balanced, pretty with natural and healthy glow, good mood of love and affection, excellent immunity / disease resistance power, excellent growth in height of up to 21 Birthday usw.Unregelmäßige periods / heavy periods may be an offshoot of hormonal imbalance, psychological disturbances, indiscriminate consumption of birth control pills, steroids for other causes like allergy, thyroid problems, asthma / bronchitis, etc. werdenHOW TO UR regulate menstruation? By and large, the menses cycle ranges from 3 weeks to 5 weeks as and when it regularly. In some women, it is not regular. It can be regulated just in 5 days. Ur [Menses related gonads]-remote control-Acupressure points in Ur wrists and ankles on both sides are to be activated for regulating Ur menses cycle.Massage on all these points, every day with Ur thumbs, for 2 minutes in the morning and regular menstrual abends.Durch cycles, girls may grow in height up to 21 Birthday, so benefiting the Studie.If U r, U may inform to “Yahoo Answers other search ‘on any health issue too.

reply by Dani <3 Umm
Well …. you can with your doctor to gehen.Aber I sucky periods and I take Midol, double to ibuprofen and take a nice warm bubble bath then a nap machen.Good Luck

Reply ck71789
Ask your doctor for Naprosyn (naproxen), its in the same family as ibuprofen, but much stronger and operates better in my opinion, menstrual cramps and pain is one of the most important things for his used. Google to find out more information. It really helps me a lot. If you get Naprosyn by your doctor and it does not help, or if you are not in a position, it should be available at all, I would recommend see an Obgyn to ensure that they were not about pmdd or something. As a teenager my period terrible, the pain very bad and severe bleeding was my Dr helped me enormously on birth control and it has, so that is another option for you. Even for temporary relief could take a hot bath or lay with a heating pad under your belly. Good luck!

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