Such as cannabis, lamictal and strattera interact?

How cannabis interact lamictal and strattera? Since both Lamictal (Lamotrigine) and Strattera (atomoxetine) are both new drugs, I have a hard time f...

How cannabis interact lamictal and strattera?
Since both Lamictal (Lamotrigine) and Strattera (atomoxetine) are both new drugs, I have a hard time finding information on their effect when. Combined with marijuana I have not heard anything about Lamictal and very few experiences with Strattera. Some say atomoxetine causes major problems, while others have no effect. Can anyone shed light on the issue Please note that I am skeptical of all the drugs and the question is, so I can improve my health, and I can not longer get confused Thanks best answer (s)!.:

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There is no evidence of specific interactions with prescription medications at this Zeit.5.5.6 conclusions from interactions with other drugs currently are the interactions between the effects of cannabis and other drugs, which their separate actions to predict, and are usually relatively harmless leisure doses. There were a number of reports in which cannabis use is accompanied by serious consequences, typically when used in combination with one or more other drugs used in high doses for prolonged periods or poisoning. However, there seems no evidence that cannabis may be involved, especially in cases of severe poisoning with other drugs. The simultaneous poisoning with alcohol and cannabis, which is the most common combination of drugs can, most relevant in motor vehicle accidents. The individual impairments induced by the two drugs appear to be approximately additive, and there is evidence that users of both drugs are over-represented in motor vehicle accidents.

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Lamictal is approved by the FDA to treat seizures. Recently there have been reports of them used to treat bipolar disorder with mixed results. In case my mom she had a 3-year depression, where she did nothing but stay in bed for 14 hours a day and watch TV. She now works at a higher level, although it is grenzt.Strattera on a hypo-manic phase, the first non-stimulant used to treat ADD. I am currently on this medication and have experienced a marked difference in the academic performance while preparing for grad school. I’m able to focus and get better konzentrieren.Wenn you drink alcohol with these medications can increase your liver enzymes, that’s not good. As for marijuana, it can increase the effects of the drugs that may not be a good thing. Despite his reputation for not harmful in comparison with other drugs such as marijuana psychotic symptoms can paranoid deluisions in people who are genetically predisposed to mental illness inducing. Proceed with caution!

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“Please note that I am skeptical of all drugs, and that question is, so I can improve my health” You do not seem so skeptical of drugs after all … They seem to be rather right to all manner of things are diving, not counting all the stuff you already did, you left out .. “How can cannabis interact lamictal and strattera?” – Not “Great, man, I a rush like this since I mixed acid and whip his attempts. “Just because bud. That stuff can bite back. Believe me.

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I take the same medication. Works for me.Peace

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