Post Nasal Drip – 10 Tips for treatment


4 Responses to “Post Nasal Drip – 10 Tips for treatment”

  1. RedEyedSniperGuy says:

    “Umm umm and uhh ..” Jesus fucking christ spit, delay

  2. ExplodingTrujillo says:

    I go to my doctor tomorrow and I’ve had it for 10 days man I feel sick I hope these tips help me myfamilydoc.

  3. DeadTalent says:

    Fuck me, I work in a dusty place, and I smoke ..

  4. thatbennyguy says:

    I have post-nasal drip, and my doctor told me that. Due to allergies Although I’m not sure what I’m allergic, so I’ll experiment. The antihistamine nasal spray does not really work for me, but yes.

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