Herschel Walker on Dissociative Identity Disorder


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  1. Bcharris120 says:

    He is 100% awesome.

  2. TheD33V33 says:

    I’m sorry, but it must be forfeited in memory? ie part of the diagnostic

  3. AlexAlln09 says:

    Guys, I have DID, theres this mean side of me I like to call him the beast, and then theres the hero (the one who’s good at sports), and then the lethargic one … He comes when I go to sleep. It took me awhile to these other aspects of me …. lol realize

  4. allielovescali6 says:

    aw he’s such a gentleman

  5. Shachah223 says:

    Okay, what he went through may have been upsetting and frustrating, but at least from what he has described may not be as “traumatic”.

  6. Shachah223 says:

    IKR? There are many other inconsistencies with his DID classification. The MrXSpeaks speak, are as varied as “modes”, which is not true!

  7. ladythreecats says:

    you did because you were bullied a fat kid and? I do not dude!

  8. MrJacksonvill says:

    that’s so funny, I sometimes feel lonely and large crowds .. and feel totally ok if on stage.

  9. lochmabon says:

    Refer to Colin Ross? I agree that anyone, irrespective of a “training” they receive a title or use them as part of their name, the (often used to control people) on hypnotherapy or drugs assessed as part of their treatment is not deserving of confidence . This does not discount other documented cases of MPD, which is now DID since 1994, and is one of the major dissociative disorders listed, which dates back as early as 1791, as a proportion of Eberhardt Gmelin.

  10. multiversedancer says:

    Go to the movie “Psychiatry an Industry of Death” and “Making A Killing”.

  11. cosmic4u says:

    I feel you’re going on about irrelevant topic and that you falsely labeling people. I did not say anything to hurt a child, I never said anything higher than victims, and I certainly never said anything about hate, or that it was right to hurt a child, that’s your own problem. My stand is that multiple personalities do not exist. Period.

  12. cosmic4u says:

    You misunderstood, I said, “People with post-traumatic stress disorder and schizophrenia is not multiple personalities.” In addition, I never said anything angry, I never said anything about rape and amnesia that is your misinterpretation. Multiple personalities did or how it has changed has never been to, and it never will. End of story.

  13. Louise Mollot-Dicicco says:

    if pple read his book or seen all his interviews 2x-its everything-sad that trauma makes a total loss of confidence u rage when someone does not agree, b / c is no firm confidence, makes us feel unloved – so we defend itself from shout, hit, others refuse-“too sensitive” one character / defense-we can no longer hurt-suicides are VERY COMMON-feel/get is refused the end good memories I have 2 sisters, the older of the time parents / suicided siblings / teacher sex assault-if the family abuses we as “crazy” locked

  14. Louise Mollot-Dicicco says:

    why u say “load of crap”? beautiful mature language-research-rather than schizophrenia does not exist, you just read that somewhere and you’ll find something? somewhere else as well-then will you decide who’s right History changed every 5 years-plus docs read w mutually-u can get mad agree, but it will not get change victim support-rape does not exist, she was ready “-that will be the truth, maybe accepted uses u believe this is wrong Reminder when the victim out amnesia triggered? sad

  15. Louise Mollot-Dicicco says:

    Paul to see @ FoziaAbdi YES did is healthy response to trauma-its amnesia Bonacci in Boystown School / franklin cover-vid conspiracy of silence teachers have begun child abuse in society always apologizes covered up mothers / grandmothers of teachers will be downgraded to displace Stolen = genecide-see Kevin Annett “unrepentant” re-canada natives but also africa etc native lands of teachers-ethnic children in drug development land Sexslave ghettos – their power to protect their own children-education

  16. Louise Mollot-Dicicco says:

    @ VilIgnoble This is so amazing what u said im not sure if I really, but it sounds like u have to explain experience and higher share more info /? thanks on-hold

  17. Louise Mollot-Dicicco says:

    many court cases rape of women / children were “refuted” by both judges / jury-Boystown religious pedorapist ring & false memory syndrome group have pedorapists as approved Founders have they threatened bribed / judges / juries / have therapists hired, many therapists to childraping acceptable-as Kinsey was purchased, you can have high blood pressure tell victims that they are lying, u can not stop us from looking for support from other victims-you pedorapists always hate children

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