Blue-Eyed Bride-Oreck Dual Max Air Purifier Vlog


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  1. washheightz173 says:

    Great video! Btw your cameraman sounds like Darth Vader with his heavy breathing!

  2. am97actress says:

    Looks like a large wastewater treatment plant. The one I have is cumbersome and a pain to clean … Also not sure if it works at all. This looks great.

  3. KentuckyRangerPro says:

    Great video! I’m not sure where Oreck came with Truman Cell Tech, but all of this is old ESP tech.Ich one of them built from old Heathkit years and it is really good for removing odors and mold and mildew from Luft.Ich bought one of these Oreck air purifier about a week ago and it works really well for removing odors and some dust, but it’s not an actual filter, but rather an air conditioning unit or cleaning.

  4. manley069 says:

    Thanks for the post, it helps a lot on the weather or not ine Buy

  5. jerswift2002 says:

    I bought this air purifier about 4 months ago. You should not buy! It does not work well. it sucks dust, but she blows, the fans are covered with dust, I leave it on 24/7, should not prevent the truman cell and pre-filter that blows dust back into the room? DO NOT BUY IT, BIG waste of money!

  6. Xivias says:

    I guess this video, I was someone waiting finally talk about the dualmax. Thanks. +1 For looking at you and the air cleaner.

  7. 1Administrater says:

    There wood nicely, if you can give me more information on how to remove a lot of dust out of the air and how much energy it uses to do so.

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