Seroxat, Alastair Benbow and Peter Breggin (Paxil/Aropax) GSK


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  1. Angieamster says:

    This needs to stop. And more and more evidence will be appearing until all the drug companies who have been abusing people’s health will be banned and will be finally showing the truth face to the public.

  2. M1thotyn says:

    In fact 2 of my sisters are married with children and have careers. My other sister is married and works full time. My brother is married with three children. We were all raised in the same home with the exception of my brother (half-brother, really) and the only difference between me and them was that i grew up on psychotropic drugs. Over a dozen hospitalizations in my youth, including a 4 and a half month stay at a state mental hospital when I was 13. Now a life on SSI in my parents attic.

  3. M1thotyn says:

    Oh, and my whole problems began as just a mild case of ADD. Shortly after starting school, I just simply didn’t pay attention much in class. I wasn’t even disruptive. I socialized normally with other kids. I was perfectly normal except that when the teacher would test to see if I had been paying attention, I often wasn’t. There is no way to blame my life as a seriously mentally ill person on any organic illness, or even genetics considering that of my 3 sisters and brother, they are all normal.

  4. M1thotyn says:

    While on Mellaril I began to just scream and fight wildly to get away from certain fabrics, paper, pencils, ect, cause I just couldn’t stand them. To just simply graze my finger across denim would affect me like nails on chalkboard times ten! I would slam my teeth together and begin pulling my hair out and beating my head on walls, which got me rediagnosed as having a developmental disability and got me put ON MORE DRUGS! By the time I was 13, I had been on 40 different drugs!

  5. M1thotyn says:

    Now I’m 29, and have been on SSI since I was 18. I have movement disorders, problems with dissociation, many things are still like nails on chalkboard to me, I have emotional problems, sexual dysfunction and have never had a single friend in my whole life. As soon as my parents die, or probably even just one of them, I’ll be off to a group home where I’ll be forced back onto these drugs, or more realistically I’ll just kill myself.

  6. M1thotyn says:

    At least you’re not a kid. Imagine what the millions of kids go through on these drugs. I was one of them. Spent my whole childhood having countless problems misidentified as being caused by some “mental illnesss”, I went from being quiet and timid to a raging beast when I was given prozac when I was 8 after a few years on ritalin and they just re-diagnosed me and gave me MORE DRUGS. I was given mellaril as a sleep aid and developed problems with with feeling textures that I still have today.

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