Paxil and Hitler


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  1. masterpsychosis says:

    LOL .. I never checked for spelling mistakes, I was already stressed out they put together with Windows Movie Player .. : P

  2. Chris Krinkle says:

    it would be better if you try to correct the spelling error.

  3. Chris Krinkle says:


  4. masterpsychosis says:

    I know exactly how you feel .. it is better to give it about 7-9 days clear out of your system.

  5. ToxiKraft says:

    That’s pretty much how I feel now lol fuck paxil! I curse the day I ever took the first pill!

  6. Pent5HT says:

    Yeah i take paxil, so I can relate to this retreat ……. its PURE HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL iv ran early before and madness, how bad is the withdrawl ……. On the 40 MG RightNow end I would like, but as hell about the withdrawal anxiety. This weekend I ran out there was PURE HELL withdrawal as Benzo Withdrawl + heroin withdrawal was ……. u know wat i mean.

  7. masterpsychosis says:

    I do not know, I was a bit bored lol 😉

  8. Pent5HT says:


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