Canada Drugs Online offers summer tips for asthma sufferers including Olympic athletes

Surrey, BC (PRWEB) 13 August 2012 Canada Drugs Online, the world's leading pharmacy, offers advice for asthma sufferers this summer. Diagnosed with a...

Surrey, BC (PRWEB) 13 August 2012

Canada Drugs Online, the world’s leading pharmacy, offers advice for asthma sufferers this summer. Diagnosed with asthma should not change your life or keep you from doing. The things you love, including athletics Eight percent of the current Olympians have been diagnosed with asthma, the most frequent condition for these athletes is to endure. They all manage their symptoms in different ways, including daily medications such as generic Singulair and generic Spiriva.

All asthmatics, especially those practicing or competing with grueling performance athletics, must also have a rescue inhaler on hand. Not popular generic inhalers are Ventolin (salbutamol) and generic Proventil. Carry a rescue inhaler at all times is the number one tip anyone can give an asthmatic. Canada Drugs Online is pleased to survive the rest of their tips for asthmatics summer highlight.

use air conditioning anywhere:

This not only keeps you cool, but also helps the air of all the environmental factors that cause you to have an asthma attack can be cleaned.

Air from cramped quarters:

tents, tree houses and cottages are all potential triggers breeding grounds for mold and other environmental factors asthma. Ventilate these areas for an hour or two before they can significantly reduce the chance of a symptom flare-up.

shower and wash your hair every night:

holds no spores or pollen of your skin and hair can be caught by the transfer to the pillow or bed linen.

Do not forget to take your medication:

oral or inhaled asthma medications are always the first line of defense against sudden flare-ups. Care of your treatment schedule is vital in these hot summer months.

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