I cant breathe, what can be done about it?

Question by DEE CON JESTED: I cant breathe, what can be done about it? I have asthma really bad, and use inhalors and advair/serevent also prednisone...

Question by DEE CON JESTED: I cant breathe, what can be done about it?
I have asthma really bad, and use inhalors and advair/serevent also prednisone and Have had to go to the hospital to get adreniline shots or something like that to help open up my airways so I can breathe, but I can do this everyday, what can be done for me, thanks!

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Answer by Rosie
talk to your doctor!

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  1. naz t says:

    try anul sex
    the shock will open yer diaphragm and
    u wont need the puffer again,

    worked for me!

    hope this helps

  2. marco polo says:

    i consider myself a ‘dorment’ asthmatic, so i feel what you’re going through. i’ve been trying to work out more, and play more sports, to build up strength in my lungs and overall health. what also helps, is if you have an episode, but not too bad, try to calmly work through it without the inhaler. it’ll teach you mentally/physically not to depend on the drug so much. hope this helps.

  3. Puff says:

    Maybe it’s time to look into alternative therapies-if I were in your situation I would get a good naturopath or homeopath.
    You may want to research environmental medicine as well. I think there are some good books still in print by Dr. Rapp and Dr. Randolph,both m.d.’s who specialized in environmental medicine.

  4. velmicro says:

    Not sure what can be done outside the home but installing hepa filters inside your house might help a bit. I have seen other people posting about natural remedies to help but if you decide to go that route take it slow. Natural remedies can help but only to a point. Keep your meds handy.

  5. Dune says:

    I will be there shortly for some mouth to mouth resuscitation, if that is any help my goddess.

  6. DLB says:

    Try checking your magnesium levels. You can get magnesium oxide(its a mineral) tablets from the health food store. The ones I supplement with are 500 mg per tablet and I take 3 per day. Take them with food. Start with one/day and work up to that level.

    My friend had asthma with emergency visits about 3-4 times per year. Her Mg was at the bottom of the “normal” range. She wanted to start supplementing. Her doctor told her not to worry about it. She asked him, “Do you use magnesium for any medical procedures”? He said, “When a person comes in with a heart attack, we give them an IV with magnesium dissolved in it. It opens up the persons lungs and lets them get more oxygen”. She asked him, “Doctor, what is asthma”?
    It took about a 3 count before he went “Ooohhh”. Its too late to make a long story short but to the best of my knowledge(she and her husband have moved away) she never had to go to the emergency room again for an attack.

    Check out the web site for (much)more info on Asthma.

  7. Jez says:

    Acupuncture along with traditional medicine and magnesium have helped me a lot.

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