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side affects of relafen?

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Answer by just asking
Navigate this..http://www.naturalessentials.com/relafen.htm
it’ll tell you all of the side effects of relafen.

Answer by abbytbw
the thing to watch for with relafen is your urinary and kidney areas. I was on relafen for a short while unil the doctor found out it attacks your kidneys( and I already have kidney didease) if you have funny colored urine or pain or pressure, tell your doctor and quit taking it until you see him/her

Answer by balerinapig48
Adverse reactions: dizziness headache fatigue insomnia nervousness somnolence vasculitis edema tinnitus (ringing in ears), diarrhea dyspepsia abdominal pain constipation gas nausea dry mouth gastritis stomatitis anorexia vomiting bleeding ulcers dyspnea pneumonitis itch rash increased sweating.

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