Posted in Sertaline on 28th December 2010

im only 14 and have severe depression
im on sertaline, today i’ve been so depressed
& worried about things like loosing my mum
as we are very close any ideas what to do
when i feel this way’ anything will be appreciated

x x x
no, i live in the UK.

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Answer by Twist
Shouldn’t you be in school right now?

Answer by sofia
hi sweetie. dont u think u r too young to feel so depressed. start meditating atleast 3 hours a day it will surely help ya. dont predict things and become depresed before hand . think what if ur mummy is with u till your grand kids get married. these kinda thoughts will keep u healthier n a lot more happier, sofia

Answer by Mickey mouse
give your mum a big hug things can improve if you make them you can control your future happiness

Answer by sdographics
Don’t worry about not being in school. I have severe depression as well so I know how debilitating it can be. When I have an “attack” as I like to call it, when I’m really depressed, I like to get out of the house #1. Is it nice out where you live? If you’re not too sensitive to the sunshine, maybe take a walk or lay in the sun. The sun gives off something that is a natural mood stimulator. Not sure what or how, but I know that the sunshine always makes me feel better. Do you live near a lake or pond? Are you into fishing? I like to go fishing when I’m depressed. Bring a radio or iPod and listen to some upbeat music. Or go do some exercises or go to the gym. Pretty much anything for me that has some sort of physical activity makes me feel better. Do you think the Sertaline is working? Maybe you should ask your doctor for something different. I’m on Celexa and it works just great for me. Hope you’re feeling better soon and don’t let people bring you down by saying stuff like “you don’t need pills to feel better. depression is all in your head. Go to church and everything will be all better” That’s a load of crap! Depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain that makes people feel depressed. It’s not imaginary. Feel better!

Answer by sam
Try to do the thing that can help you feel better.I think your mum is very kind that you’re worried about her alot even thinking about this help you feel better.Having a kind mother is very great.You can speak about it with her too.Don’t worry be happy*

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