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Posted in Lotensin on 16th November 2010

Question by str8_30457: blood pressure?
I take procadia 60mg,lotensin 40 mg, water pill, and a pill to relax me at night.My BP still shoots up real high at work even when I am having fun and laughing.Can anyone help me please.I get sent home from work because of my BP but its still an occurrance at work.The doctor will give me a pill to melt under my tongue to bring it back down but refuses to give me a prescription that I can take at work to keep from missing work.My dad died at 48 of a heart attack and my brother died at the age of 41 from an anuysism.I am 43 now and scared because I cannot seem to keep my BP under control.It just seems to go up and down on me even when I am not stressed out.

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Answer by chuckufarley2a
Sounds like time to get a new doctor… uncontrolled bp, with your family history says that you need a new work up on your physical condition..

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